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Do you know what . file is? And what is D_SUPP.INF?

These letters are short for Windows Help (Microsoft WinHelp), which is the name of a proprietary format for online help files that can be presented by the Microsoft Help browser winhlp32.exe or winhelp.exe. The format of those files, such as D_SUPP.INF, are based on RTF (Rich Text Format).

This function firstly appeared as WinHlp 1.0 version and was shipped with Windows 3.0 operating system in 1990. Then in 1995, WinHelp 4.0 version was available on Windows 95 / Windows NT. Microsoft used to announce its intentions to phase out WinHelp as a support platform in 2006, that’s why WinHelp is never part of Windows Vista out of the box. The latest change of Windows Help program (WinHlp32.exe) happened on October 14, 2009, when Microsoft published its downloadability for Windows 7 at the Microsoft Download Center.

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Possible error messages?

When any file gets missing or damaged on your PC, or an unexpected condition occurs, you may continuously get pop-up error messages for every day until you finish fixing the issue. It’s extremely frustrated to see there is only a “OK” button on the dialog box, giving you no more clues about how to start with the repair. Possible situations could be:

Most people get sick of the alarm sounds, because they always ring out without a hint. If your computer has been set with a high volume, a sudden sound could be really terrifying. I suppose many users have been there.

How to regularly fix D_SUPP.INF error?

“In order to keep your Windows 8 PC performance smooth and fast you have to do the regular maintenance of your PC.”

  • Clean / repair the corrupted Windows registry

  • The Windows registry is a database where all of the configuration settings are listed for determining how Windows looks and performs. Many system issues arise from here.

    In most cases, settings and entries that are no longer needed by any program’s running will remain there after the uninstalling has been smoothly conducted. The design makes sense, because they could be needed again someday. Yet when you’re 100 percent sure you will never want it back, it’s okay to wipe it out. Steps:

    1. Backup your current registry information before anything happen: Hover your mouse cursor in the bottom left corner of your screen, the “charms bar” will show > enter “regedit” > click on the “File” menu and choose “Export” > select “All” in the “Export range” options > choose a location for the backup file and name it > click on “Save”.
    2. View items to delete needless keys (delete any application listing that have already been uninstalled): unfold “HKEY_CURREN_USER/Software” > find the program name or its developer name > right-click on it and select “Delete”.
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  • Scan and get rid of possible malware/virus infectionzdx

  • Simply run your current antivirus software and perform a “Full scan”.

  • Conduct a disk defragment, putting D_SUPP.INF to the right place.

  • Run the Disk Dfragmenter via the hard drive properties dialog box.

    1. Click on the Optimizer button to open the Optimize Drives window.
    2. This is optional: if you want to schedule automatic Disk Defragmenter, click the “Change Settings” button > choose the “Run on a Schedule (Recommended) check box > click on the “drop-down” lists to set the schedule > click “OK” to save the change.
    3. If you want to manually run a defragment, click the drive you are going to defragment in the list > click “Optimize”.
  • Using Disk Cleanup to remove up system junk files.

  • Restore system to previous status by using Windows build-in system restore tool.

  • Remove recent installed program that related to D_SUPP.INF file.

  • How to know whether there is the specific in the folder? Just search the filename. Then:

    Access the Control Panel: double-click “This PC” on your desktop > select “Control Panel” on the toolbar > click on “Uninstall a program” > find and double-click your target in the program list > follow the prompts of uninstall wizard to proceed.

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  • Use System File Checker to find possible damaged or missing system files

  • As a Microsoft Windows utility, System File Checker allows users to scan for and restore corrupted parts in Windows operating system files.

  • Check whether Windows drives are up-to-date / any Windows update is available.

  • You can consider this a repair process.

  • Reinstall Windows operating system.

  • As you can see, we put this method last, because there are quite a number of people don’t know how to correctly do it. The regular process usually takes you about 30 minutes, after which most previously installed programs on your PC will need you to reinstall them or rewrite their registry information onto you new system (repair the registry entries). You may not want this unless none of the above given methods works.

    Besides, if the problem didn’t happen on your system disk (C drive) but is hidden elsewhere you don’t know, reinstalling the system won’t help. You can try the following solution.

Restore Windows operating system

Reinstalling Windows system means that all of applications and devices you installed on the system after getting the computer will be totally wiped out, and the computer will be turned back to the original situation. In this case, those errors and problems will be avoided when restore the Windows system. However, it is not a good solution for many computer users, because most of them do not want their installed applications and other data being deleted completely on the PC.

Restoring Windows system often takes more than half an hour to completely, after that, if you want the computer goes back to the situations you currently used, you should spend much of time to installed this of that of program and utility on the computer, which is also a big task to complete. If you don't want to try this resolution, maybe the following method is another good and available way to help you fix the error

Better and easier resolution to fix D_SUPP.INF error

Besides the system restore, detecting and fixing associated registry issues on Windows system is also a feasible way to resolve this error issue on computer, because the vulnerable system registry are very easy to be modify and missing for the improper operations on the computer, thus, associated files and programs will not be able to perform effectively on PC. In this case, it is recommended to apply a professional registry fix tool to troubleshoot those existed registry problems on the computer, and you will be able to recover those registry files quickly on your PC.

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